A confection made from rice-derived ingredients. Onuka-san

We have been working to create products using rice, a local resource. While we worked hard to make doburoku and amazake, we had one regret. And that was the fact that we've used a lot of white rice. As you all know, it is obtained by polishing brown rice. In other words, we scraped the rice bran from the brown rice before using it. What a waste for something so nutritious and tasty! With this in mind, we created the rice bran confection “Onuka-san.”

What is Onuka-san?

Onuka-san is a hard-baked sweet made from rice-derived ingredients. Rice flour, rice bran, rice syrup, and rice oil are mixed, formed into cubes, and baked. The richness of the rice bran and the mild sweetness of the rice syrup make for a taste that’s never boring and that you can’t get enough of. Two varieties are available: plain and black sesame.

Deliciously Crunchy and Healthy

The loose packaging belies Onuka-san’s uncompromisingly crunchy texture. However, moving your jaw is very important for your health. Increasing the blood flow to the brain can prevent dementia, and stimulating the parasympathetic nerves shows promise for boosting immunity. We recommend it as a children’s snack since it develops their chewing ability.

Ingredients/It’s made from rice-derivedingredients.

Rice bran is attached to the exterior of white rice, so using pesticides and chemical fertilizers presents a concern.
That’s why we made sure that Onuka-san uses rice flour and rice bran derived from organically grown rice.
Also, our rice syrup contains no preservatives.

Rice flour
Milling organically grown rice for use in sweets.
The texture comes from the rice flour.
Rice bran
The rice bran comes from organically grown rice.
It brings out just the right amount of richness and umami flavor.
Rice syrup
Rice syrup is made by converting rice into sugar using malt.
The natural sweetness makes for a simple taste.
Rice oil
This oil is extracted from rice bran.
It is indispensable for creating an exquisite texture.

How to Eyoy It!

At the office
Keep it on your desk as a crunchy snack for when you’re hungry.
You can also share it with a colleague who is working hard.
As a quick breakfast
Enjoy a crunchy breakfast when you’re short on time.
It’s portability is another great feature.
For your health
If you are particular about your snacks, this is a crunchy and healthy option.
It’s also recommended for those concerned about gluten!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the ingredients come from?
The rice flour and rice bran are produced in Miyazaki Prefecture. The rice syrup is produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, and the rice oil is produced in Wakayama Prefecture. The black sesame used for the black sesame variety of Onuka-san is organically grown in Bolivia.
Why does it have such a hard texture?
It is baked to have a hard texture so that you can chew it thoroughly and enjoy the taste. If you have difficulty chewing it, soak it in some milk or tea to soften it before you eat it.

Onuka-san Plain

Onuka-san, the Rice Bran Confection (Plain)

A cute, cube-shaped baked confectionery made from rice-derived ingredients such as rice bran, rice flour, rice oil, and rice syrup. The cubes are bite-size. The mild sweetness of the rice syrup and the robust chewy texture are sure to satisfy you! We want to provide a hard-baked confectionery since there are currently so many soft foods available. We use all-natural ingredients as well as organically grown rice bran and rice flour.

■ Ingredients
Rice flour (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), rice syrup, rice oil, rice bran

Onuka-san and Ogoma-san Black Seseme

Onuka-san, the Rice Bran Confection
(Black Sesame)

Accenting the simple Plain flavor with black sesame creates an aromatic snack with an easy-to-eat taste. The rice syrup provides a mild sweetness, and you can pop some into your mouth without feeling guilty, even when you’re hungry. The firm chewiness is sure to satisfy you! We want to provide a hard-baked confectionery since there are currently so many soft foods available.

■ Ingredients
Rice flour (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), rice syrup, rice oil, rice bran, black sesame (including sesame)

Introducing Our Product Mascots


Onuka-san is the daughter of a rice farmer. Naturally, she loves rice balls. She especially loves her mom’s cooking. Onuka-san loves to eat, but she also cares about beauty, so she went on a diet. Her mother realized this, and one day, she gave Onuka-san some sweets made from rice bran before she went to work. They were filling and low in calories, and Onuka-san realized they were perfect for dieting. “That’s it!” she thought. “I’ve gotta go tell my friend Ogoma-san...”

  • Name: Onuka-san
  • Age: 30years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: July 7th
  • Blood type: O
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Hobby: Yoga
  • Birthplace: Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Siblings: Has a younger sister
  • Favorite food: Rice balls, sweets
  • Foods she doesn’t like: Cilantro
  • Personality: Sociable and indecisive

Ogoma-san grows sesame plants in the fields near her home. One day, her close friend, Onuka-san, gave her some sweets made from rice bran her family had produced. She really took a liking to these sweets because she is very beauty-conscious. Onuka-san suggested that adding sesame seeds might make it even more delicious, which resulted in the creation of “Onuka-san” and “Ogoma-san.”

  • Name: Ogoma-san
  • Age: 30years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 11th
  • Blood type: B
  • Occupation: Hairdresser
  • Hobby: Travel
  • Birthplace: Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Siblings: Has one older brother
  • Favorite food: Chinese food
  • Foods she doesn’t like: Bitter melon
  • Personality: Straightforward

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