Amazake created by fermenting a blend of glutinous barley and brown rice. Glutinous Barley and Brown Rice Amazake

When you’re engaged in production with the aim of creating healthy products, you encounter people in the most unexpected places. It all began when fellow farm managers in Kyushu hit it off and suggested that they try combining their high-quality products. Carefully cultivated glutinous barley and brown rice had a fateful encounter, giving birth to our signature amazake that is both pleasing to the taste buds and good for the body. It's light, yet fully satisfying. We’re sure you’ll want to drink this amazake even every day.

Glutinous barley. Brown rice

Glutinous barley is a type of barley and is known to contain water-soluble dietary fiber and beta-glucan. β-glucan is believed to adsorb excess cholesterol in the intestine and promote its excretion from the body. Brown rice has been referred to as a complete nutritional diet, and unlike glutinous barley, it contains insoluble dietary fiber. It is said that intake of both insoluble and water-soluble dietary fiber is effective for relieving constipation.

Energetic producers who manage a family farm in Imari City, Saga Prefecture. In addition to glutinous barley, they also grow ancient varieties of rice as well as cyclamens.
  • As a snack
  • With breakfast
  • Use as a seasoning for meals

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store it? What is the expiration date?
Store it in the refrigerator. Please keep it below 10℃. The expiration date is four months from the manufacture date. Drink it as soon as possible after opening it and finish it within a week.
Does it contain sugar?
No sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives are used. You can enjoy the drink's natural taste.

Non-alcoholic Amazake. Glutinous Barley and Brown Rice Amazake

Glutinous barley and brown rice offer a delicious source of dietary fiber♪

Amazake created by fermenting a blend of glutinous barley and brown rice. It has a light taste, but offers the satisfaction of an authentic amazake!

もち麦入りあまざけ 150g
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■ Ingredients
Brown rice (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), malted rice, glutinous barley (produced in Saga Prefecture)

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