A small brewery in Akimoto, Takachiho, in a forest where the gods live. Maroudo Brewery

It all began with these words from Atsushi: “How about making doburoku like a young person would?” In 2011, the two 24-year-olds launched a business brewing sake, even though they didn't know what they were doing. Although they started from scratch, the two of them had a strong desire to make doburoku that originated in Takachiho, so they studied hard, did their research, and showed their love for doburoku, culminating in their first product, “Chiho Mairi.” Going forward, Maroudo Brewery will continue to grow alongside the doburoku culture and malted rice culture of Takachiho, and we will continue to work enthusiastically so that we can convey how wonderful it is to everyone!

The 5 Factors Behind Maroudo Brewery’s Taste

1. The Factory

The factory is located on-site at Maroudo Guest House in Akimoto, which is said to be the most secluded part of Takachiho, and overlooks a sea of clouds. Surrounded by a dense forest featuring sacred 500-year-old trees, it is well-suited to brewing flavorful doburoku and amazake made using the bounties of nature.

2. The Water

Akimoto Shrine's sacred water, which many people come to get when they pay their respects, is famous for its mild taste. The water used to prepare Maroudo Brewery’s products is spring water that originates from the same source, Mt. Morotsuka, and this high-quality water benefits from the abundance of nature as well.

3. The Rice

The rice, which is cultivated in the abundant sunlight of Miyazaki, imbues the products of Maroudo Brewery with a robust umami flavor as well as nourishment.

4. Tradition

The Yokagura dance “Sake Koshi no Mai (Enshrined Deity)” Takachiho has long had a “doburoku” culture, as represented by the “omiki” libations dedicated to eight million gods and “kanzukuri” (sake made in the winter) for soothing the pains of tough labor. The culture surrounding the Yokagura dance “Sake Koshi no Mai (Enshrined Deity)” has transformed itself into one that prays for the prosperity of descendants and harmony among married couples, and continues to be loved by many.

5. Adaptation

We aim to preserve the techniques and tastes that have been passed down from ancient times while creating products that are compatible with the times. We will aim for manufacturing that has been and will continue to be loved by many, and community development that is loved as well.

“Maroudo Brewery Products”

Maroudo Brewery products, which are made in a small brewery in a forest where the gods reside, are created with a limited amount of equipment, so only a limited amount can be made at once. When placing an order, please be aware that items may be out of stock due to selling out and so on. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
If this happens, we will inform you of the date when the next batch will be ready.

Doburoku Captain. Katsuhiko Saeki

● Introducing Our Brewer

I’m the captain, and I can barely drink alcohol (*^^*) But in the brewing industry, people who cannot drink are more sensitive to alcohol, so apparently they make better brewers!

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