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A healthy drink made with two fermented ingredients plant-derived lactic acid bacteria and malted rice. Chihomaro

The captain of the “Doburoku Squad,” who can't drink alcohol, was determined to create a product that he could drink without restraint. Chihomaro, made with amazake and plant-derived lactic acid bacteria, was produced by utilizing the fermentation technology cultivated in the creation of doburoku along with locally grown rice. Because people had complained that they did not like the sweet aftertaste of ordinary amazake, the captain came up with the idea of​ fermenting amazake with lactic acid bacteria to make it more refreshing to drink. The double fermentation action of the malted rice and plant-derived lactic acid bacteria also makes the beverage gentle on the stomach. It's a natural energy drink that does not use any sugar or preservatives.

Amazake is created by adding rice bran to cooked rice and fermenting it. Unlike amazake that is made using sake lees, it is non-alcoholic, so anyone can enjoy it. It is so nutritious that it has been called an “intravenous drip,” and in the past it was consumed as a nutritional supplement during work in the fields.

Lactic acid bacteria are beneficial bacteria that are well-known for contributing to the health of the intestinal environment. Chihomaro is created by adding this lactic acid bacteria to amazake and further fermenting it. The plant-derived lactic acid bacteria comes from pickles, and 1 ml of Chihomaro contains an amazing one trillion lactic acid bacteria.

We use rice cultivated with care in Hinata of Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, and it is brewed with pure water drawn near the water source without any private houses above it.

How to Enjoy Chihomaro

  • Enjoy with cereal
  • Use to make a smoothie
  • Use as a seasoning for meals

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store it? What is the expiration date?
When unopened, all three varieties—plain, “hebesu” citrus, and brown rice—can be stored at a room temperature of up to about 25℃. Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The expiration date is eight months from the manufacture date. After opening it, put it in the refrigerator and drink it as soon as possible, within a week.
Can I drink it warm?
You can also enjoy it at warm temperatures. Pour it into a heat-resistant container and put it in the microwave for about one minute (per 150g) for easy heating. *Please do not microwave the bottle. It may be deformed or damaged.

Rich in Lactic Acid Bacteri. Chihomaro. Plain

Has a mild sweet and sour taste and thick texture

By fermenting amazake with lactic acid, we have created a new type of non-alcoholic beverage that is easy to drink and has a higher nutritional value. It was made with daily health in mind for those interested in maintaining their beauty. Add Chihomaro to your lifestyle and unlock your beauty through the power of fermentation!

■ Ingredients
Rice (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), malted rice, plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

Rich in Lactic Acid Bacteria. Chihomaro. “Hebesu” citrus flavor

Accents the Chihomaro flavor with the brisk acidity and aroma unique to hebesu

A new type of rice-based beverage that focuses on ingredients good for the body. By using hebesu to provide a refreshing, bracing acidity and aroma, Chihomaro supports your lifestyle and enhances your beauty through the power of fermentation.

■ Ingredients
Rice (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), malted rice, hebesu juice (produced in Hyuga City), plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

Rich in Lactic Acid Bacteria. Chihomaro. Brown rice flavor

An additive-free and sugar-free rice drink that preserves the original brown rice taste.

We added plant-derived lactic acid bacteria to highly nutritious brown rice. The addition of just the right amount of acidity makes this a rice drink that is easy to drink and good for the body. Why not start adding one bottle a day to your routine?

■ Ingredients
Brown rice (produced in Miyazaki Prefecture), rice bran, plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

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