Sake unique to Takachiho, a place that fuses climate and culture. Chiho Mairi

“Mikami Suigen Doburoku Chiho Mairi” is distinguished by its mild sweetness and thick texture. We wanted to dispel the myth that doburoku (unrefined sake) is dry and has a strong alcohol taste, and we also wanted to create a doburoku that even those unfamiliar with it can drink. With our 1986-born brewers taking the lead, we kept this in mind as we poured our heart into each and every bottle we produced, from rice cultivation to bottling. It has an alcohol content of 8%, and the refreshing sweetness spreads throughout your mouth the moment you drink it, creating a mild taste with just a hint of alcohol.

Takachiho Town in Miyazaki Prefecture is said to be a “town of myths” where many legends about ancient Japanese gods have been passed down. In this region, the sacred music and dance that have been passed down evoke the image of Izanagi-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto brewing sake and passing the time in harmony. It is said that doburoku is the sake that the gods themselves drank.

It is made from rice carefully grown in terraced rice fields at an altitude of 600m. Rice cultivated in mountainous areas, which have unique environments with extreme temperature differences, have a strong umami flavor and a reputation for being delicious even when boiled and consumed. The water is pure and drawn close to the source, and there are no private homes above it. It is the same water source as that of Akimoto Shrine.

Two young individuals gathered in the Akimoto area, in search of something wonderful they could create using local ingredients, came up with doburoku, which has been a staple of the region for a long time. In order to dispel the image it had of being old-fashioned sake and create a delicious sake that anyone can casually enjoy, they used trial and error and put both their minds and bodies to work. This product combines the sensibilities of young people not bound by customs with the culture rooted in the region.

  • Perfect for celebrations such as New Year's
  • Use as a substitute for Hinamatsuri white sake
  • Use as a topping for vanilla ice cream

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store it? What is the expiration date?
Store it in the refrigerator. Please keep it below 10℃. Because it is an alcoholic beverage, there is no expiration date, but we recommend that you drink it within a year. Drink it as soon as possible after opening it and finish it within a week.
What is that white sedimentation called?
These are grains from the rice and malted rice ingredients. To even out the contents, mix the sake by gently alternating between turning the bottle upside down and right side up before opening it.

Doburoku. Mikami Suigen Doburoku. Chiho Mairi

Made with Takachiho Akimoto Maroudo rice and spring water from the forest where gods reside

Turn the bottle upside down several times to mix the beverage well before serving. Drink responsibly after turning 20 years old.

■Content: 300ml ■Alcohol content: 8%

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